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Roll-your-own kits

Smoke natural tobacco leaves that you've rolled yourself 
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rolled cigarette next to isolated filters and tobacco

Roll smokes the natural way

Our all-natural tobacco leaves are the perfect alternative for any smoker concerned about their total wellness. Our cost-effective tobacco and tubes offer the same physical sensation, appearance, flavor and nicotine content that you receive when you smoke store-bought cigarettes, without the exposure to harmful chemicals. In fact, our tubes and tobacco are 100% chemical-free.

Receive substantial cost savings

Enjoy a natural smoking alternative and pay less than half of what you'd usually spend on name brand, manufactured cigarettes with their dangerously high chemical content. We can help you RYO smokes with our variety of roll-your-own kits. While you could be charged up to $60.00 for store-bought cartons, our roll-your-own cartons can be purchased for as low as $29.99.
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Reinvent your favorite flavors

Our all-natural tobacco mixes and blends are currently on our shelves and you'll love the custom experience we can create for you. Mix your favorite flavors together for a brand new taste every time you smoke. 
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